Having Started out in 1985 with a Paltry Investment of 240,000 INR (US$18000), TORQUE PHARMACEUTICALS has grown into a force to reckon with in the Pharmaceutical industry.

At TORQUE, the pillars upon which its strength rests are:

  • Impeccable Quality
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Constant Innovation
  • Environment Conducive to Growth
  • Affordable Medicines

It has managed to grow from strength to strength and has earned a reputation for itself as a leading private limited company offering healthcare solutions for all through its quality medicines that it supplies not just nationally but also to many developing countries globally. TORQUE has taken a huge leap in terms of production, positioning and presence globally and ultimately has come up as the fastest growing pharmaceutical company. TORQUE, which means a force that makes things turn around a focal point, has become a pivotal pharmaceutical company with efficient clockwork like mechanism for production, quality, logistics and growth. The force behind the exemplary augmentation has been steady dedication and an enthusiastic workforce. With mutual respect, sensitivity towards their needs and empathetic work conditions, the well qualified staff and workers are motivated to achieve higher goals for their personal growth and for the betterment of the company so that they feel proud to be associated with us.

Impeccable Quality 
The Company complies with all requirements laid down under Schedule M – GMP of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. The constant focus on quality has infused vigour into our quest for the best and has manifested itself as the distinction of being the first company in Punjab to be awarded WHO-GMP Compliance Certificate by the Drug Regulatory Authorities in the year 2005. The National Drugs Authority (NDA), Uganda and Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenya have also certified TORQUE for export of medicines. The continuous achievement of ISO 9001 certifications since the year 2005 has been an important milestone. The company currently complies with ISO: 9001:2015 Certification in addition to the above certifications.

Commitment to Excellence 
Continuous effort is always underway to improve our products in every possible manner. If there is scope for improvement, we will achieve it. Our team of highly qualified and experienced scientists work continuously to develop new products.

Constant Innovation 
Through research and development activities, our team is always committed to finding better alternatives to more expensive and less feasible products, which can be mass produced for the benefit of entire mankind. This is aimed at strengthening the foundation and building a formidable reputation for the company as well as the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Environment Conducive to Growth 
Growth and development at TORQUE is aimed at expanding its global footprint. The workforce is an important part of our success story and is treated as such. The courage, capacity, confidence, perseverance and unrelenting determination of our personnel help us to face internal and external challenges. Mutual respect, encouraging environment and ample development opportunities helps us to bring out the best in the workforce.

Affordable Medicines 
70% of India and about two dozen countries benefit from our affordable medicines. Making sure that the best quality medicines are made available to the masses at the most affordable prices gives us great satisfaction. Through our constant innovation practices, we can make this possible. Not just treating diseases and sickness, we aim for prophylactic treatments that improve the quality of life.